Innovation Factory

iT4's commitment to our clients is that we will continue to invest in leading edge process development and ultimately their businesses. Our goal is to innovative and streamline as many businesses throughout the world as we can. Technology drives efficiency, innovation drives the future, stand still and we will all be taken over.


iT4's award winning process development teams and our experience working with some of the largest businesses in the world guarantees any business can benefit from our proprietary Information Management technology. Why reinvent the wheel, we structure our innovations around your business,  utilising leading edge technology without the risk, costs and timelines associated to traditional expensive development.

About IT4

iT4 are an organisation passionate about technology and process improvement. In streamlining how information is managed within your business we feel we can complete the goals we set out to achieve, saving our clients time, streamlining client operations and saving resources along the way.  We understand no two businesses are the same,  people are different, cultures are different, our mission is to keep things simple for everybody, by providing easy to use efficient technology that benefits everybody.

Our Goal

Simplicity is at the heart of everything we do.
Our success is based on never over complicating a process or a system.

All too often businesses pay for solutions that 75% of the time functionality is never used.

iT4, Keeping Information Safe and Simple.

Document, Analyse, Measure, Streamline how your processes can be improved and shared across your entire team and organisation.

Bringing together your expertise into a single easy to manage location. iT4's cloud technology allows you to easily implement centralised services across dispersed locations.

Align your organisations information processing to ISO27001 security standards for cloud technology. Never before has security been so critical to the success of your business. 

Maximize compatibility, interoperability, safety, repeatability of efficiency ... Set in stone your processes using iT4's workflow technology, no risk, no variance, best practice across your organisation.  

Local legislation, company policy, International Standards, Tax Obligations . . . . the list seems endless. Utilise iT4's ground breaking audit enabled technology to reduce business risk.

Electronic processing of business critical information, be it emails, paperwork, 3rd party application output. Remove print hardware, remove printing, no storage costs, no paper costs, no print costs.

Our experienced consultants have vast experience working in businesses throughout the world. Capitalise on this wealth of experience to streamline how your business operates.

Utilise iT4's analysis and dashboard technology to inspect, clean, transform, and model your business data with the goal of discovering useful information, suggesting conclusions, and support decision-making.

We've Worked With Exceptional Brands